LARC attended ARD partner workshop on Section 25

12 Sep 2018| by LARC

The Alliance for Rural Democracy (ARD) convened a gathering of activists across the rural and urban sectors in Cape Town on Sunday and Monday, 9 and 10 September 2018. The workshop was followed by a march to the National Assembly.

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Ingonyama Trust attempts to hijack Makhasaneni restitution claim

05 Sep 2018| by LARC

LARC’s documentary film This Land tells the story of the Makhasaneni community’s struggle against the mining of iron ore on their land in KwaZulu-Natal. Decades ago, induna Dludla the local leader, lodged a land claim on behalf of people who had been forcibly removed from white farm land.  The community rejoiced when their claim was recently finally approved only to be confronted by legal action from the Ingonyama Trust.  The Trust has gone to court arguing that the land should be registered in the name of the Ingonyama Trust, and not the families who were forcibly removed. This is despite the fact that the Ingonyama Trust never lodged a claim to the land before the cut off date of 1998.  Also the Ingonyama Trust Act states very clearly which land falls under the Ingonyama Trust.  It is the land that made up the former KwaZulu homeland. The land claimed by induna Dludla is near Melmoth and was never part of the KwaZulu homeland.

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Ingonyama Trust Board ignores Committee moratorium

09 May 2018| by Nokwanda Sihlali

A big issue in many news articles at the beginning of 2018 centred on the role of the Ingonyama Trust in KwaZulu-Natal and how it would be absorbed into an already failing national land administration system.

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‘Motlanthe agents’ protest customary taxes

03 Oct 2018| by Amanda Khoza

A group of community members living in Dlovinga village in Izingolweni on KwaZulu-Natal’s South Coast have been labelled “Kgalema Motlanthe agents” for challenging the levy fees and taxes imposed by their local chief.

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Public hearings on land have largely missed the nuance of this complex topic

27 Sep 2018| by Nokwanda Sihlali and Mahlatse Muroa

The release of Kgalema Motlanthe’s High Level Panel report in November 2017, alongside resolutions from the 54th conference of the African National Congress (ANC) and the ultimate success of an Economic Freedom Fighters’ motion on land expropriation earlier this year, has made land reform an emotional and topical issue in South Africa.

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Mining Magnates and Traditional Leaders: The Role of Law in Elevating Elite Interests and Deepening Exclusion 2002-2018

04 Sep 2018| by LARC

A wave of legislation currently before Parliament seeks to build on the foundations of other interconnected post-apartheid laws and give a veneer of legality to a host of precarious deals cutting politically connected business and traditional leaders into South Africa’s mining industry, Dr Aninka Claassens argues in a paper published by the Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (Mistra).

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Amending the property clause risks making poor more vulnerable to dispossession without compensation

13 Aug 2018| by Aninka Claassens

A man sitting next to me at a land workshop in Rustenburg last month asked me sadly whether the problems on the platinum belt meant, as some younger delegates alleged, that Mandela had indeed sold black people out during the negotiations leading up to the 1994 transition to democracy. People were sharing their experiences of being evicted by mining companies from land they had owned for generations; of waiting over twenty years for land restitution with no hope in sight; of government officials blocking their claims and stealing their land.

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