Ingonyama Trust Board ignores Committee moratorium

09 May 2018| by Nokwanda Sihlali

A big issue in many news articles at the beginning of 2018 centred on the role of the Ingonyama Trust in KwaZulu-Natal and how it would be absorbed into an already failing national land administration system.

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Civil Society statement on the ANC National Conference

13 Dec 2017

The ANC’s 54th National Conference on Saturday is an historic opportunity to acknowledge and reverse growing poverty and inequality, disintegrating social cohesion and the devastating failure of the government’s land reform programme, which shows increasing signs of capture by politically connected elites.

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Deadline for submissions on TLGFA amendment extended to November 10

30 Oct 2017

A committee of the National Council of Provinces has extended the deadline for submissions on the Traditional Leadership and Governance Framework Amendment Bill for a third time, giving concerned communities and organisations until Friday, November 10 to make inputs.

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Civil society united against graft, power abuse

03 May 2018| by William Gumede

As South Africa celebrates Freedom Day, civil society organisations have increasingly become the last line of defence against corruption, service delivery failure and abuse of power by elected and public representatives.

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How MPs are pushing back against the Traditional Courts Bill

28 Mar 2018| by Thiyane Duda

The Traditional Courts Bill is before Parliament for the third time. While the current version is an improvement on its previous iterations, the portfolio committee on justice and correctional services seems determined to reverse these improvements.
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Parliament: Opt-Out, Traditional Courts Bill supporters’ most hated clause

26 Mar 2018| by Marianne Merten

In Parliament’s justice committee a push is under way to nix the Traditional Courts Bill’s opt-out clause that was drafted following extensive consultation to ensure South Africa’s 18-million rural residents do not forfeit constitutional rights. Why is this important? It talks to power relations in rural areas and whether customary law is viewed as a pre-colonial romanticised ideal or as living and evolving practice within a constitutional democracy.

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