Bapo traditional council tries to defy court

24 Oct 2016| by Brendan Boyle

The Bapo Ba Mogale Traditional Council on Thursday (19 October) refused to readmit two elected councillors whose two-year suspension was recently ruled “irrational and procedurally unfair”.

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Rharhabe royalty restored

20 Oct 2016| by Lulamile Feni and Bongani Fuzile

A decision by the Nhlapo Commission to demote the amaRharhabe kingship was yesterday reviewed and set aside by the North Gauteng High Court.

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Hope for battle-weary mining community

20 Jul 2016| by Aninka Claassens

North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo has done little to find out what has happened to mining funds. Rural groups across the country face huge legal and logistical obstacles when they try to hold traditional leaders and the government to account for mining deals on their land.

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Black people on communal land at mercy of mining firms

20 Jul 2016| by Joanna Pickering

A wealthy commercial farm owner is approached by a mining company that has been licensed by the state to mine on his land. The company approaches the farm owner to negotiate a surface lease. The farm owner employs a legal team, has his farmland and commercial operations valued and negotiates a lease consonant with the loss of revenue he would suffer as a consequence of the mining operation. Mining goes ahead, everybody wins, right?

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KZN land tenure is injury and insult

24 Jun 2016| by Philile Ntuli

WHEN King Goodwill Zwelithini announced recently that title deeds would be issued to households in rural KwaZulu-Natal, he omitted to say how this would fit in with the long-term lease agreements being issued by the Ingonyama Trust Board, of which he is the sole trustee.

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Community kept in the dark over Amplats mining deal

09 May 2016| by Thabiso Nyapisi

The R175-mil lion “settlement ” signed between AngloAmerican Platinum (Amplats) and the Mapela traditional community of Limpopo is bound to explode.

The so-called settlement agreement was signed behind closed doors and the traditional rural community has lost land it used for grazing and ploughing, as well as ancestral land.

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