Traditional Courts Bill (2017)

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The Department of Justice tabled a new Traditional Courts Bill in Parliament on 30 January 2017.

The previous version of  the Traditional Courts Bill (B1-2012) lapsed, largely due to consistent opposition  to the Bill from people in rural areas since 2008. The opposition was such that the provinces were in fundamental disagreement about the TCB. As a result, it could not be passed.

See the Alliance for Rural Democracy’s media release on the ‘death’ of the TCB here.

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  • Joyfull Mthethwa

    Amakhosi should be the way because they have managed to protect and did not sell our land no matter hungry as did the current land policies in SA where instead of restituting their land rights and supported them to close inequality gap have further advocated for white economic domination through chain stores. One wonders what this govt will be celebrating on June 19 when people continue to be pariahs in their own land.

  • Boitumelo

    Thank you for your interest in these issues! Is this your experience (chiefs protecting the land)? Any cases that you base this on? This is the ideal, but some work on traditional leadership shows that this was and still is not always the case. For one, check some of the cases in a book called Land, Power and Custom. The case of Driefontein and Kalkfontein might be of interest. Peter Delius’ work on Limpopo also provides an alternative narrative with regards to land and forced removals.

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