06 Apr 2017
by Sobantu Mzwakali
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Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Bill: MPs failed dismally to consult the public

Flawed hearings made a mockery of constitutional requirements. Parliament has failed dismally to consult the communities most affected by the Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Bill. The recent parliamentary hearings on the Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Bill made a mockery of the […]

06 Apr 2017
by Thiyane Duda
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Communal land belongs to the people, not to the chiefs

It’s time the South African government made it clear that traditional leaders do not legally own the communal land that lies within the boundaries of our former homelands. The Minister of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA), Des van Rooyen, […]

24 Jan 2016
by Thabiso Nyapisi

Traditional bill strips people of their rights

Accidents of birth or history, including the history of forced removals, can mean that people living on one side of a line on an old apartheid map are members of traditional communities with imposed tribal identities and limited constitutional rights. […]

08 Jan 2016
by Thuto Thipe

A new tyranny of tribalism is looming

Proposed laws intended to set right past wrongs would only perpetuate models that were colonial creations, writes Thuto Thipe. Many of the Traditional and Khoisan Leadership Bill’s core features are much older than they appear to be from the proposed […]

15 Dec 2015
by Aninka Claassens

Traditional leaders lack accountability

On Monday Sowetan reported that a meeting addressed by Kgosi Nyalala Pilane was disrupted by angry protesters in Moruleng, North West, at the weekend. One of the protesters, Pinky Motshegoe, explained that the protesters wanted a report on the finances […]

30 Oct 2015
by Phiwe Ndinisa

New bill leaves communities at leaders’ mercy

Parliament is about to begin nationwide public hearings on a new law to regulate the roles of traditional and Khoi-San leaders. The debate, which is expected to kick off in mineral-rich North West next month, will pit rural communities against […]

27 Oct 2015
by Custom Contested

Deputy Minister fails to reassure on objections to TKLB

The Deputy Minister of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Obed Bapela, sought when he introduced the Traditional and Khoisan Leadership Bill to MPs today, 27 October, 2015, to address some of the main objections raised by rural and traditional communities.