09 Apr 2018
by Aninka Claassens

Elections trump land reform as panel report is put on back burner

At a time when debate about land reform and property rights is raging throughout South Africa, Parliament appears to have shelved the detailed report and recommendations of the High Level Panel (HLP) headed by former president Kgalema Motlanthe.

09 Dec 2013
by Thuto Thipe

TCB: People in rural areas demand full rights, as enjoyed by their urban counterparts

Before the current irregular round of public hearings on the Traditional Court Bill (TCB), two other rounds took place at which the overwhelming majority of participants had already rejected the Bill – as they still do. Across sectors and geographic […]

15 Nov 2013
by Frances Ann Eberhard and Tara Weinberg
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Advocacy for women’s land rights: Plotting the way forward

The story of Dudu Xaba from KwaZulu Natal shows vividly how land rights and livelihoods are intertwined. Xaba’s late father left her a farm in his will but her half-brother claimed it, arguing only a male heir could inherit the […]