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Jezile Appeal Highlights Difficult Questions About Ukuthwala and Violence*

Are rape and force legitimate parts of custom? When a man raises ukuthwala as a defence to rape, assault and trafficking, what consideration should these assertions be given? The answers to these questions are not simple, and are dependant on what one’s view or definition of culture is.  It is for this reason that the …

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Sex work and sexual abuse in Marikana*

The incident known as the Marikana massacre of 2012 brought the world’s attention to the arduous lives of South African mineworkers. But a group that is continuously overlooked is the women of Marikana, and how many of them have had to sell their bodies to survive. It is a common misconception that mining is a …

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Outrage as men traditional leaders oust women from initiation debate*

Outraged responses poured in on social media yesterday after the Daily Dispatch published the comments of male traditional leaders who rebuked their female counterparts for speaking out against the death toll associated with initiation practices in the province. More than 500 boys have died as a result of initiation practices in the last eight years, …

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