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Mmusi ruling a watershed moment for gender and customary law in Botswana

On Sep 3rd, the Court of Appeal in Botswana decided that the home of Edith Mmusi’s parents belonged to her and her sisters. In doing so, Botswana’s highest court struck a blow to rigid versions of customary law and breathed new meaning into the Botswana constitution’s provisions to prevent unfair discrimination. Edith Mmusi’s story 80-year …

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Botswana women’s inheritance case gets gender justice award but legal battle unresolved

Women’s Link Worldwide on Jun 18, 2013 gave a Bronze Gender Justice Uncovered Award to the High Court of Botswana for its decision in the case Mmusi v Ramantele in recognition of its significant contribution to promoting gender equality. However, the High Court’s decision was appealed, so the battle for women’s customary inheritance rights in Botswana has not …

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