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The river runs dry: Gender equality in South Africa

In 1789 France’s Ancien Regime, its monarchy and traditions, were swept away by the tide of the French Revolution – only for these laws and customs to reappear some years later. Struck by this, Alexis de Tocqueville remarked that it was as if a river had plunged underground and resurfaced a distance away, the river …

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North West Community takes on Lonmin

A community forum in South Africa’s platinum belt has instructed lawyers to challenge the approval of an opaque deal converting their platinum-mining royalty into shares in Lonmin plc, owners of the Marikana mine in North West Province. The ministers of Rural Development and Land Reform and of Mineral Resources signed a contested agreement on Friday …

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“The state does not consult rural people about laws that affect them”

The centenary year of the 1913 Natives Land Act is drawing to a close and we are looking ahead to marking two decades of democratic governance in 2014. Many questions arise as to the extent to which the democratisation that seemed imminent in 1994 has been achieved, especially in rural areas in the former homelands. …

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