The content of custom is always contested. Some insist that it is timeless and age-old. Others, that it is shaped through ever-changing practice and living law.

Custom Contested is a one-stop website that provides news, information and analysis on laws and policies affecting custom, “tradition” and citizenship rights, exploring what is at stake for ordinary South Africans.

What you can find on this website:

  • Want to know what the latest developments are in law and policies on traditional leadership and affairs? See regular news updates.
  • Want to know about customary practices and traditional leadership in relation to human rights and democracy? Want to know what is at stake in relation to control over resources such as land and mineral rights? See opinion articles from activists, rural community members, researchers and social commentators.
  • Want to know what new laws and policies are in the pipeline? Or what the status of draft laws such as the Traditional Courts Bill is? See the law and policy tracker.
  • Want to know what concrete actions civil society can take? See action alerts.

Custom Contested is an initiative of the Rural Women’s Action Research Programme at the Centre for Law and Society, University of Cape Town.

Custom Contested was conceptualised and established in collaboration with Melanie Judge and Christi van der Westhuizen of Just Communication.

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