HLP Summaries 2018

HLP Land Issue Summaries 2018

The High Level Panel chaired by Former President Kgalema Motlanthe on the assessment of key legislation and the acceleration of fundamental change published its report in 2017. Unfortunately the lauch of the report coincided with an intense news focus on Zimbabwe as Robert Mugabe was forced to relinquish power. Very little media coverage has been devoted to this report which  provides comprehensive analysis of the rural and urban land questions, rural governance and the different dimensions of the land reform programme. The report also makes wide-ranging and substantive recommendations for change. It now seems as if this important report which drew on extensive public hearings and a wide range of in-depth commissioned research  has been shelved, overtaken by the current national debate on expropriation without compensation.

A range of leading research and social justice organisations, together with individual experts and practitioners have contributed to provide a set of short summary papers on key aspects of the report.

The full report can be downloaded HERE.

The collection includes summary papers on:

HLP Summary 2018: Spacial Inequality

HLP Summary 2018: Restitution

HLP Summary 2018: Mining

HLP Summary 2018: Land Redistribution

HLP Summary 2018: Land Administration

HLP Summary 2018: Ingonyama Trust

HLP Summary 2018: Farm Dwellers and Labour Tenants

HLP Summary 2018: Farm Workers and Labour Tenants

HLP Summary 2018: Communal Property Associations (CPA’s)

HLP Summary 2018: Communal Tenure

HLP Summary 2018: Traditional Leadership Laws

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