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Book review: Apartheid’s pernicious legacy lives on in the former homelands

By Ed Stoddard Apartheid may be over, but the Bantustans live on — and the ANC is milking this for all it’s worth. Ed Stoddard reviews ‘Land, Law and Chiefs in Rural South Africa: Contested Histories and Current Struggles’, a stimulating collection of 12 essays.

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New laws would make some more equal than others, argues Steven Friedman

South Africans continue to live in parallel universes defined by the geography of apartheid and laws currently making their way through Parliament will consolidate rather than correct this reality, Prof Steven Friedman of the University of Johannesburg argues in a newspaper column. “Is South African democracy only for city people? If not, why does no-one …

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Moves to empower chiefs bad for democracy*

Does the African National Congress (ANC) now feel more comfortable with chiefs and princes than with the people? After losing 10 percentage points in Gauteng in May’s election, the ANC vowed to reconnect with the black middle class. But there are signs that it may feel that traditional leaders are a better bet. Campaigners for rural …

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Re-opened restitution a cover for neo-traditionalist power grab

In recent weeks, South African news reports have been filled with leaders announcing claims and counter-claims to land on behalf of their “people” and royal clans under the newly amended Restitution Act of 1994. These royal claims are said to be justified by South Africa’s history of colonial dispossession, which was the most extreme on …

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Verwoerd, Zuma and the Chiefs

It may seem mischievous to suggest that Jacob Zuma’s thinking on chiefs and traditional authority echoes that of the infamous apartheid leader H.F. Verwoerd. But, oddly enough, the two men had similar decisions to make about the future of rural South Africa, and the path Zuma is choosing is not all that different from the …

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