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Traditional Courts Bill denies democratic rights

By: New Frame A fabricated idea of tradition legitimates the way in which the bill enforces subordination to traditional courts, with no possibility to opt out.

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Traditional Khoi-San Leadership Act Underpinned By Idea That Rural People Cannot Think

Last week South African President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the Traditional Khoi-San Leadership Act. Some have called it controversial, others colonial or corrupting. And indeed, it is all of those things. But it also signals the utter contempt the government has for rural people.

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Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Act ‘brings back apartheid Bantustans’, say activists

In a recent article in Maverick Citizen, we explained that the Traditional and Khoi-san Leadership Act was likely to rob millions of rural people, women in particular, of their rights. Maverick Citizen sought the views of rural land activists from Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, North West and Limpopo who have been particularly vociferous in the fight …

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Government’s adoption of traditional leadership laws is a betrayal of rural South Africans

The recent enactment of two pieces of traditional leadership legislation legitimises the suppression of free economic activity in communal areas, deprives people of access to resources and opens the way to violence against them.

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Another Bantustan Bill gets ‘King Cyril’s’ nod

Last week I was privileged to interview Zapiro about his latest cartoon collection Which Side is Up? It is a rhetorical question appended to a cartoon that caricatures “King” Cyril and “Ace” Magashule on the same classic playing card.

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