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Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Act that ‘recreates the Bantustans’ heads to ConCourt

By Thiyane Duda Rural citizens argue that by signing the Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Act, the President made the abusive actions of traditional leaders legal. They have no issue with the fact that, at last, the law recognises Khoi and San leaders and communities.

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Book review: Apartheid’s pernicious legacy lives on in the former homelands

By Ed Stoddard Apartheid may be over, but the Bantustans live on — and the ANC is milking this for all it’s worth. Ed Stoddard reviews ‘Land, Law and Chiefs in Rural South Africa: Contested Histories and Current Struggles’, a stimulating collection of 12 essays.

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‘Bantustan Bills’ trample on the rights of rural people

The two bills default to the colonial and apartheid denial of the property rights of people who have inherited their homes and land over generations.

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Bapo Ba Mogale Money Looted

The public protector’s recent report on the disappearance of the Bapo Ba Mogale’s millions confirmed what many had alleged for years: that the Bapo had been stripped of their wealth while government and traditional watchdogs looked the other way. But because it was published at the same time as several other issues deemed more sensational, …

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