The land summit was a fiasco and reflected government’s lack of commitment to land reform

By Constance Mogale and Katlego Ramantsima The Communal Land Administration and Tenure Reform Summit held in Boksburg on 27 and 28 May 2022 proved that the government is not fully committed to ensuring that land reform delivers on the aspirations of ordinary people.

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Government’s ‘consultation’ on communal land tenure just a tick-box exercise

By Katlego Ramantsima Developing land tenure legislation is a difficult job to get right — especially given the legacy of intractable problems inherited from apartheid. The Gauteng consultation did not seem genuine: it lasted only three hours.

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Chiefs win last-gasp election delay

The Ingonyama Trust and several chiefs were granted an order in the Pietermaritzburg High Court yesterday that postponed the Council election, which was due to be held on Saturday.

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Leadership bill dissolves rather than strengthens power of rural people

The pleas of thousands of rural people who made difficult journeys to attend public hearings across the country are largely ignored in the amended version of the Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Bill set to be adopted by the National Assembly this week. Appeals for consultation, the right to decide the use of their own land, …

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New laws would make some more equal than others, argues Steven Friedman

South Africans continue to live in parallel universes defined by the geography of apartheid and laws currently making their way through Parliament will consolidate rather than correct this reality, Prof Steven Friedman of the University of Johannesburg argues in a newspaper column. “Is South African democracy only for city people? If not, why does no-one …

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