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Ingonyama Trust land: Residents ‘must pay for what they use’

By Thami Magubane Durban – eThekwini Municipality is looking to engage with the Ingonyama Trust to get residents living on its land to pay “something” for the services they receive.

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SAfm Interview: Ahead of the National Land Summit (Nokwanda Sihlali)

Interview: Nokwanda Sihlali As the National Land Summit is set to be held this coming Friday and Saturday, we thought to revisit the issue looking at where we are.

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State’s mining bias is making the poor poorer

There has been a series of damning court judgments in the past 12 months exposing the government’s systematic failure to uphold the constitutionally protected land rights of the poor and vulnerable.

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South Africa’s lands must be shared

The return of land to black South Africans, ‘expropriation without compensation’, is once again a crucial issue for the government. There have been proposals for transfers, and a few actual transfers, for 25 years, but now there is strong pressure, with threats of action, from the radical left.

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Looting of land rights continues as Parliament signs two controversial bills

Two bills recently rammed through Parliament will benefit traditional and political leaders, not the poorest and most vulnerable in the country.

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