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Workshop confronting the threat to tenure security posed by vast tribal land claims

MEDIA STATEMENT Members of affected rural communities, civil society organisations and academics resolved at a two-day workshop in KwaZulu-Natal on August 12-13 to probe reports of tenure abuses experienced by communities on Ingonyama Trust land and to seek a meeting with the Land Restitution Commission on the likely impact of proposed giant tribal claims under …

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Haste over land rights bill not just in aid of buying votes*

AMONG the slew of “priority” laws hastily adopted at the final sitting of the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) was the Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Bill. This is an exact replay of what happened in 2004, when the contentious Communal Land Rights Act was unceremoniously rammed through Parliament just as it closed for a …

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Struggle for land reform goes beyond Bantustan and national boundaries

The department of rural development and land reform (RDLR) refuses to transfer land title to communal property associations (CPAs), condemning many residents in the former Bantustans to continued insecurity and marginalisation. The Masakhane CPAs in the Eastern Cape are a case in point. For 31 years, the Masakhane residents have attempted to secure tenure to …

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The long shadow of apartheid legislation

New and proposed legislation does not alleviate the most pressing challenges that people in rural areas face. Instead, these laws intensify existing struggles. This was the outcome of discussions at a workshop attended by 50 people from across North West province, representing communal property associations (CPAs), land buyers’ associations and other local organising bodies. The …

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Response to ‘Re-opening restitution: Election promises doomed to backfire’

I have received a number of interesting comments via social media on the piece Re-opening restitution: Election promises doomed to backfire. The hearings are related to the Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Bill, which was tabled in parliament in October. I would like to continue this conversation by responding to some of the comments here, …

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