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A struggle in vain: a labour tenant’s story

His name means Struggle, and despite turning 101 in January, Zabalaza Mshengu is still struggling to get government to process his legal claim to the land where he hopes to live out the time he has left. From his derelict home on a commercial farm near Ashburton KwaZulu Natal, Mshengu points across the N3, shaking …

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Nothing in Nene’s budget for land restitution rush

There was nothing in Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene’s first three-year budget programme for South Africa’s ambitious land restitution programme reopened earlier this year. Officials have estimated that the reopening of the land restitution claims window until June 2019 will cost the government between R129-billion and R179-billion over 15 years. But Nene made no new allocation to …

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Land claims could blow up in Zuma’s face*

Several traditional leaders recently announced their intention to lodge restitution claims to vast and overlapping swaths of land. They include the Zulu king, leaders of the Hlubi, Rharhabe and Thembu, and President Jacob Zuma’s nephew Simphiwe Zuma, on behalf of the KwaNxamalala clan. King Goodwill Zwelithini has announced that his claim goes back to 1838 …

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Re-opened restitution a cover for neo-traditionalist power grab

In recent weeks, South African news reports have been filled with leaders announcing claims and counter-claims to land on behalf of their “people” and royal clans under the newly amended Restitution Act of 1994. These royal claims are said to be justified by South Africa’s history of colonial dispossession, which was the most extreme on …

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New land restitution process set to be messy*

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform has made much ado about the reopening of the land claims process under the newly amended Restitution Act. At face value, the new process gives long overdue political recognition to dispossessed communities hamstrung by the initial closing of the lodgement process in 1998. But land reform advocates …

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