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The Ingonyama Trust: Land and Power in the former homelands

The message from the Ingonyama Trust is loud and clear – “hands off” to anyone who assumes they have a mandate to investigate what is happening to people’s land rights, or how the Trust spends its money.

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The chief problem with land rights

Since 1994, millions of black South Africans have faced being stripped of their land rights without compensation, or have already lost these rights. Yet this threat has received scant coverage in the media.

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Court orders tribal authority to act democratically:Traditional leadership can be compatible with democracy and the Constitution

Do traditional leaders have to consult with their community before litigating on their behalf? On 9 March 2018, a Mahikeng High Court judgment answered this question: yes, they do.

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New bill leaves communities at leaders’ mercy

Parliament is about to begin nationwide public hearings on a new law to regulate the roles of traditional and Khoi-San leaders. The debate, which is expected to kick off in mineral-rich North West next month, will pit rural communities against coalitions of elite power in an important battle over the right to make deals potentially …

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Communal Land Tenure Policy Undermines Rights of Ordinary People*

It has been a big month for advocates of communal land tenure rights. But the struggle is nowhere near over. On 28 May, the Constitutional Court heard an important case that inevitably will set an important precedent concerning the right of groups to hold land within the boundaries of the former homelands. And on the …

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