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Local communities are guaranteed to be heard in licensing of oil and gas activities

By Phindile Masangane SA has vast oil and gas potential, which can restore energy security, catalyse economic growth and create and sustain a significant number of jobs.

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Why public consultation is the Achilles heel of SA’s fossil fuel ambitions

By Lisa Steyn It was not so long ago that an oil or gas discovery was a reason to rejoice for all the economic benefits it would bring to a country. It’s since become a matter of fierce contestation between those in favour of fossil fuel development and those concerned with the potential impact on …

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The value of land for people displaced by mining cannot be measured in monetary terms alone

By Shannon Herd-Hoare and Ramabina Mahapa If mining comes to Makhasaneni in rural KwaZulu-Natal, will the community be compensated fairly — and how? The market value of land or immovables such as homesteads is the usual determinant. But excluding the cultural aspects of dependence on land helps explain why so few communities have been left …

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Research Report: Land-based livelihoods matter in Makhasaneni

Makhasaneni residents relied on the surrounding natural landscape as a source of food, construction materials, and livestock fodder. This study made use of participatory methods and household surveys to place an economic value on the use of natural resources per household per year.

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Covid- 19 and lockdown

By Bonani Loliwe Covid-19 was expected to lead to large economic losses and human desperation. Lockdowns to prevent disease transmission can take a heavy toll on rural economies which mainly depend on solidarity in working relationships.

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