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Rural rights victory over Ingonyama Trust would please late activist mam’Sizani Ngubane

By Zukiswa Pikoli That the Ingonyama Trust has been found exploitative and the minister remiss in her duties is symptomatic of a bigger malaise at play here.

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Traditional Courts Bill: How to entrench inequality and a parallel reality for 18 million marginalised South Africans

By Aninka Claassens Rural South Africans are being systematically stripped of the few residual assets they managed to hold on to despite apartheid. Members of Parliament are about to create a parallel and separate legal system that denies 18 million people the right to access South Africa’s mainstream court system.

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S.A’s Lockdown due to Covid 19’s effect on rural women

By Nomonde Phindani 2020 has been a very challenging year and has had a particularly negative impact on rural women. The following piece highlights some of the social, political and economic challenges rural women have encountered. 

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Rural women fight for the right to own ‘their’ land

South Africa’s constitutional watchdog, backed by several brave rural women from KwaZulu-Natal, went to court this week in a bid to stop King Goodwill Zwelithini’s Ingonyama Trust turning land owners into tenants.

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