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eMpembeni mirrors the scourge of mining-related assassinations in KZN

By Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime Since 2016, there have been at least 38 assassinations and 14 attempted assassinations in mining localities in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). Mining-related assassinations are even more difficult to track than political killings. Motives can often be multilayered and the rural environment in which most attacks take place can render accurate …

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A step backwards for human rights in SA

The Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Act goes against the international progress made in protecting the rights of rural and indigenous people, particularly when it comes to mining.

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Government’s adoption of traditional leadership laws is a betrayal of rural South Africans

The recent enactment of two pieces of traditional leadership legislation legitimises the suppression of free economic activity in communal areas, deprives people of access to resources and opens the way to violence against them.

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Media coverage of Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Bill’s signing

On 28 November it was made public that the President has signed the contentious Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Bill into law.  Although the President is yet to proclaim when the law will come into effect, some civil society organisations and activists from the “Stop the Bantustan Bills” campaign (https://stopthebantustanbills.org/ ) are shocked that their pleas …

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Another Bantustan Bill gets ‘King Cyril’s’ nod

Last week I was privileged to interview Zapiro about his latest cartoon collection Which Side is Up? It is a rhetorical question appended to a cartoon that caricatures “King” Cyril and “Ace” Magashule on the same classic playing card.

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