Report: Deepening Democracy: Dialogue on the ‘Bantustan Bills’

18 Sep 2019| by Tara Weinberg for the Nelson Mandela Foundation

On July 30th2019, over fifty community activists, ANC veterans, researchers, lawyers, NGOs, government officials and journalists gathered in Johannesburg for a dialogue on two bills that particularly affect people living in rural South Africa. Community activists have labelled the Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Bill (TKLB) and the Traditional Courts Bill (TCB) as the “Bantustan Bills” because they reinforce the boundaries of the old Bantustan tribal authorities.

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Media Release: The Baloyi Commission Report, Sedibelo and Siyanda

27 Aug 2019| by LAMOSA

The Baloyi Commission’s report about the Bakgatla BaKgafela chieftaincy and financial corruption will be released by the Northwest Premier at 2 pm today, Monday 26 August 2019. LAMOSA was an active participant in the proceedings of the commission of inquiry over two years since 2016.

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Battle for AmaMpondo kingship in court again

20 Aug 2019| by LARC

On 20 August, the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria will hear the latest instalment of a legal battle for the kingship of AmaMpondo.  The present-day dispute has been before South African courts since 2011 – although its genesis lies further back in history.

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South Africa Wrestles Over Zulu King’s Vast Landholdings

15 Oct 2019| by Gabriele Steinhauser and Aaisha Dadi Patel

JOZINI, South Africa—In her battle to secure the rights to her dusty homestead, Hluphekile Mabuyakhulu has joined a small group of South Africans squaring off with a powerful landlord:
the king of the Zulu nation.

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Kgosi’s role in vanishing billions

15 Oct 2019| by Sasha Wales-Smith

The findings of the Baloyi commission of inquiry into the affairs of the platinum-rich but impoverished Bakgatla Ba-Kgafela community in North West are being challenged even as the premier of the North West is reported to be appointing an administrator and setting in motion a forensic probe aimed at identifying the specifics of criminal prosecutions that are likely to follow.

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State’s mining bias is making the poor poorer

03 Oct 2019| by Aninka Claassens

There has been a series of damning court judgments in the past 12 months exposing the government’s systematic failure to uphold the constitutionally protected land rights of the poor and vulnerable.

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South Africa’s lands must be shared

01 Oct 2019| by Cédric Gouverneur

The return of land to black South Africans, ‘expropriation without compensation’, is once again a crucial issue for the government. There have been proposals for transfers, and a few actual transfers, for 25 years, but now there is strong pressure, with threats of action, from the radical left.

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