PILG 2021 report: “Reflections on defending and advancing social justice during the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa”

The Public Interest Law Gathering (PILG) is an annual civil society convening of people and organisations who use law as a tool to advance social justice in South Africa.

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Women, (neo-)colonial customary law, patriarchy, custodianship and the land debate

By Narnia Bohler-Muller and Fathima Zahra Ebrahim Mayet

The government has been lethargic in enacting policies that enable some form of equitable land redistribution in South Africa, while attempts at policy have been met with little success.

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The Ingonyama judgment: Why the state must heed court orders to halt dispossession and deliver land rights

By Aninka Claassens

Vulnerable rural people in South Africa are being systematically dispossessed of their precariously held property rights. The past decade has seen a colossal battle between the courts and government over land reform and the property rights of the 18 million South Africans living in their former homeland areas.

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WATCH: Book launch: Land, Law and Chiefs in rural SA

Who controls the land and minerals in the former Bantustans of South Africa – chiefs, the state or landholders?

Disputes are taking place around the ownership of resources, decisions about their exploitation and who should benefit.

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In the news: Residential leases concluded by the Ingonyama Trust are unlawful and unconstitutional

By Various

A collection of news articles and video clips relating to the recent Ingonyama Trust Board court ruling.

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