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Controversial Expropriation Bill is finally approved after navigating a 14-year rocky road

By Marianne Merten The Expropriation Bill was adopted by the National Assembly late on Wednesday evening after the opposition DA, EFF, IFP, Freedom Front Plus and African Christian Democratic Party put their objections on record.

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Traditional Courts Bill mocks rights of rural citizens

By Nkosikhulule Nyembezi In the many years since I studied the public participation comments in legislative processes involving customary law in Parliament, I can see another daunting set of circumstances for an ANC president aspiring to re-election to tackle issues affecting rural communities.

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LARC presents in Tshishimani’s “Will Expropriation give life to a failing Land Reform Programme” series

By LARC Since the introduction of the phrase “expropriation without compensation”, the debate on the land question has never been the same.

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LARC submission: Expropriation Bill 2020

By LARC The Land and Accountability Research Centre made a submission to the Portfolio Committee on Public Works and Infrastructure on the Expropriation Bill 2020, public written comments for the Bill closed on the 28th of February 2021.

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South Africa’s lands must be shared

The return of land to black South Africans, ‘expropriation without compensation’, is once again a crucial issue for the government. There have been proposals for transfers, and a few actual transfers, for 25 years, but now there is strong pressure, with threats of action, from the radical left.

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