VIDEO NEWS: Another assassination of anti-mining activist


On Thursday the 22nd October Fikile Ntshangase was shot dead in her home. She was a grandmother and opposed the expansion of a coal mine that had robbed many community members of their graves, livelihoods and deep connections to their ancestors and rural identity.  In this video the lawyers involved and other commentators discuss who bears responsibility for this latest assassination.  The police’s failure to arrest those who intimidate and assassinate activists enables such assassinations to continue.  It remains crucial however to interrogate who pulled the trigger, and what local pressures and interventions led to the untimely death of Ma Ntshangase.  Restraint, respect and compassion are sorely needed in volatile contexts where lives, livelihoods and identities are at stake, but these qualities appear to be sorely missing in the corporate sector, and in government in South Africa.

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